Travel Bucket List # 17 — Castles & Palaces of the US

      Despite its youth, the United States has its share of maybe not castles, but palaces, grand residences fit for a king. None of them are quite as elaborate as the European chateaus, such as Versailles or Schonbrunn, but there are some mansions in America which deserve to be included with these grand and opulent creations.

              Batcheller Mansion* — Saratoga Springs, NY

             Biltmore Estate* — Asheville, NC

             Boldt Castle — Heart Island, Alexandria Bay, NY

             Breakers* — Newport, RI

             Gillette Castle* — East Haddam, CT

             Hearst Castle* — San Simeon, CA

             Iolani Palace* — Honolulu, HI

             Rosecliff* — Newport, RI

             Scotty’s Castle* — Death Valley National Park, CA

     Total = 9 (I have seen 8!)

About gmazeman

Retired Science Teacher Currently Athletic Director at Johnston High School Travel is my passion!
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