Travel Bucket List # 2 — Cities of the United States

       Here is a list of the must-see cities of the United States, a country which has so many significant cities to choose from. Again, I will asterisk those which I have spent time in.

            Albuquerque, New Mexico*

            Atlanta, Georgia*

           Baltimore, Maryland*

           Boston, Massachusetts*

           Charleston, South Carolina*

           Chicago, Illinois*

           Honolulu, Hawaii*

           Las Vegas, Nevada*

           Los Angeles, California*

           Memphis, Tennessee

           Miami, Florida*

           Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota*

           Nashville, Tennessee*

           New Orleans, Louisiana*

           New York, New York*

           Orlando, Florida*

           Philadelphia, Pennsylvania*

           Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

           Portland, Oregon*

            Richmond, Virginia*

            San Antonio, Texas*

            San Diego, California*

            San Francisco, California*

            Salt Lake City, Utah*

            Santa Fe, New Mexico*

            Savannah, Georgia*

            Seattle, Washington*

            St Louis, Missouri*

            Washington, DC*

       Total — 30 (I have been to 28) Almost there!

About gmazeman

Retired Science Teacher Currently Athletic Director at Johnston High School Travel is my passion!
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