Best of Arches National Park

          The flagship of eastern Utah’s national parks has a dazzling display of natural arches as well as a variety of other unique or unusual rock formations. The park road system facilitates access to many of the signature formations, but be sure to sample the trails in order to see some of the more remote arches.

       Some of the more interesting rock formations, other than arches, include Balanced Rock,

Balanced Rock

    Park Avenue, a group of upright slabs of rock that resemble skyscrapers,

Park Avenue

 and Courthouse Towers,

Courthouse Towers

    Some of the more famous of the park’s arches include the Windows (North & South),

The Windows

   Turret Arch,

Turret Arch

 and the most famous of them all, Delicate Arch, which appears on the Utah license plate and in many publications about the park.

Delicate Arch

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  1. hemp says:

    The marked trails run the gamut from easy nature walks that bring you up close and personal with picturesque rock formations to maze-like labyrinths that require hiking permits. Then it opens up to slickrock and you have to follow the cairns stacked rocks and or the other people ahead of you.

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