Best of Austria

     Austria is a fantastic country to visit. From the classic and beautiful city of Vienna to the ski villages of the Austrian Alps to the birthplace of Mozart in Salzburg to the interesting towns along the Danube River, there is much to see and do.

       Vienna is a world-class city with significant architectural gems, stately and opulent palaces, distinctive local culinary specialties, and many other attractions for the tourist. The Hofburg was the Winter Palace of the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire.


     Mozart is celebrated at the famous Golden Hall (Musikverein) with its remarkable acoustics.

Golden Hall

 Mozart was born in Salzburg which truly reveres the famous composer with a square containing a large statue of the man while his music is played on the hour from a bell tower on the square (Mozartplatz).

Mozartplatz Fountain

     One of the most visited towns along the Danube River is Melk, which features a dramatically situated Monastery, the Melk Abbey.

Melk Abbey

    Ski villages such as Innsbruck are also popular stops for visitors to Austria.


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