Best of Rhode Island

        Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the Union but it has a significant slate of tourist attractions packed into its tiny space. Newport was once the summer playground of the ultra-rich and evidence of this wealth can be found throughout the city. The capital city of Providence has experienced a “renaissance” over the last twenty years and has become a desirable place to travel.

     In addition, the beaches of Rhode Island are fantastic and some of the villages are quintessential New England.

     Newport has many mansions, leftovers from the late 19th century when families such as the Vanderbilts spent summers and partied here. My favorite is The Breakers, the former residence of Cornelius Vanderbilt.

The Breakers

  The Touro Synagogue in Newport claims to be the oldest synagogue in the country.

Touro Synagogue

  Cliff Walk provides visitors with a glorious stroll along the lovely rocky coastline of the city, and sometimes a peek at the rear of a Newport mansion.

Cliff Walk

   Providence’s greatest claim to fame these days is Waterfires, a seasonal spectacle involving wooden logs burning on braziers in the center of the Providence River accompanied by instrumental music. The entire ambience of the city is extremely enchanting on Waterfire nights.


    The Rhode Island State House is surprisingly impressive, considering the size of the state.

RI State House

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