Spotlight on Dubrovnik, Croatia


            Dubrovnik, Croatia, is a perfectly preserved medieval city on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea.  Dubrovnik has a special charm because its city walls — the marble-paved squares, cobbled streets and beautiful buildings of old town, Stari Grad, — were all made with the same light-colored stone, which contrasts nicely with the honey-colored roofs of the buildings. 

            Walk the city walls, some of the finest and most intact in the world, with their round and square towers and other fortifications, and get great views of the Dalmatian coast. Entry into the city is usually through the Pile Gate which opens to the city’s major promenade, the Placa or Stradun, a pedestrian walkway which leads to the Clock Tower.  Notice the Onofrio Fountain, the Franciscan Monastery, and the Orlando Column en route. Nearby are the Sponza Palace and St Blaise’s Church, done in baroque style.

            Other sights worth visiting include the Cathedral and the Rector’s Palace, as well as the Jesuit Monastery and the Dominican Monastery, the largest in the city.

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