Walking Tour of Bar Harbor, Maine, USA


                Walking Tour of Bar Harbor, Maine, USA


            This small fishing village has been transformed, due to its proximity to Acadia National Park, into a popular tourist destination, especially during the summer months. It is also used as an entry or exit point for trips to the Canadian Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island, since the CAT Ferry, which connects Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, docks here during the summer. The quaint village streets of Bar Harbor are lined with shops and restaurants and are fun to explore, despite the fact that there are few actual tourist attractions here.


            My walk begins at Agamont Park, directly opposite the Town Pier, on West Street. Stroll around the park, which is attractively decorated with flower gardens during the summertime. From here, you can access a footpath which skirts the shoreline of Frenchman’s Bay. Its entrance is at the northern corner of the park. The Shore Path deposits you on Wayman Lane, which leads to Main Street.

            Turn left on Main, and then right on Edgewood Street, and right again on School Street. When you reach Mt Desert Street, look for the Abbe Museum, at #26. It focuses on the Native American heritage of this region.

            After your visit, walk west on Mt Desert Street and then turn right on High Street, and right again on Cottage Street. Now, turn right on Kennebec Street which leads back to Mt Desert Street. Turn left here, and then left again on Main Street, which leads back to the Town Pier and Agamont Park.  

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