Walking Tour of Burlington, Vermont, USA


               Walking Tour of Burlington, Vermont, USA


            Burlington, the largest city in Vermont, is basically a college town, kept young by the influx of youth at The University of Vermont, at the top of the hill, above Lake Champlain. The lake itself is another draw, with its recreational potential and ferry service to upstate New York.


            My walk begins on the lakefront, at the intersection of College Street and Battery Street. Consider inquiring about a Lake Champlain Cruise either before or after your walk. Also, consider walking along the lakefront, by heading west on College Street, down toward the docks, and then turning right onto Lake Avenue, to access the Burlington Waterfront Park & Boardwalk, as well as Battery Park, further north, the site of an 1812 Naval battle with the British, on the lake.

            Begin the actual walking tour by walking north on Battery Street, and then turn right (east) on Pearl Street. When you reach the church, appropriately at the intersection with Church Street, turn right, into the Church Street Marketplace, a delightful, pedestrian-only mall, lined with numerous shops and restaurants. It is attractively landscaped and crowded with people during almost any time of the year.

            Stroll along Church Street, southward, browsing the many shops or relaxing at an outdoor café. If you are not totally satisfied with the shopping here, detour to the right, on Bank Street, to find the Burlington Town Center, a more traditional mall.

            Now, continue south on Church Street to Main Street, which marks the end of the pedestrian mall, and turn right. Walk back down the hill toward the water, and then turn right on Battery Street to return to your starting point.

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