Walking Tour of Ravello, Italy


            Walking Tour of Ravello, Italy


Above Amalfi is the charming little village of Ravello, which has perhaps the best views along the entire coast since it is perched so high above the shoreline.   


            My walk begins at the Piazza Duomo, a large, adorable open space in front of the town’s Cathedral (Duomo).  There are several shops and restaurants on the square, as well. Much of the church dates to the 12th and 13th century, and the interior is certainly worth a visit.

            As you walk out of the Duomo, turn left to follow the path to the Villa Rufolo, known through the stories of Boccaccio and used as an inspiration for one of his operas, by composer Richard Wagner. The sumptuous interior is complemented by the lush, floral gardens. Terraces provide incredible views of the Amalfi Coast.

            Now, return to the Piazza Duomo, and turn left onto Via San Francesco, and then onto Via Santa Chiara, which leads to the Villa Cimbrone, the town’s other important tourist sight, made famous by the actress, Greta Garbo, who stayed here during the 1930’s. The piece-de-resistance of the Gothic-styled mansion, surrounded by roses, however, is the Belvedere of Infinity, which overlooks the breathtakingly scenic coastline.             After your visit, return to the Piazza Duomo, by retracing your steps, to end the walking tour.


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