ROAD Trips – Cross France on the A-6

    This route winds it way southeast from Paris to another of France’s major cities, Lyon. In the process, the road makes its way along the edge of the Burgundy region, a famous wine-growing area. A photo album will follow tomorrow.
      Paris – The "City of Lights" is probably the most romantic city in the world. Paris’ great museums and numerous mega-attractions make it an important destination for all.
      Fontainbleau – This former hunting lodge became one of the most famous chateaus in the world, because it was a favorite of Napolean.
      Auxerre – This city, on the periphery of the Burgundy Region is known for its beautiful cathedral
      Beaune Another town in Burgundy, Beaune’s most famous sight is the Hospices de Beaune, with its distinctive tiled roof. The town is pleasant to stroll through and has great charm.
      Lyon – This large city in central France has a reputation as a culinary center. The city is also a World Heritage Site because of its significant architecture. The white Cathedral is particularly striking.

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