World Heritage Sites – Germany

     Germany is a marvelous country to visit. Since it historically dates back to the Roman Empire, there are many World Heritage Sites. Some are obviously more recent, as well, since Germany is a varied land with much to offer the tourist. Sit back and enjoy my favorite World Heritage-designated locations and their photos as well.
    1. Aachen Cathedral (1978)
        Charlemagne's Cathedral at Aachen
    2. Wurzburg Residenz with the Court Gardens and Residence Square (1981)
        Wurzburg Residenz       Inside the Residenz at Wurzburg
    3. Pilgrimage Church of Wies (1983)
         Wieskirche    Inside the Wieskirche
    4. Palaces and Parks of Berlin (1990)
         Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin
    5. Town of Bamberg (1993)
    6. Cologne Cathedral (1996)
         Cologne Cathedral
    7. Upper Middle Rhine Valley (2002)
            Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, on the Rhine River   Burg Katz, on the Rhine River 
    8. Old Town of Regensburg (2006)

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