World Heritage Sites – Australia

    Australia, like the United States and Canada, is short on history (a fairly recent country as countries go) but blessed with tremendous natural beauty and interesting, unusual wildlife. Thus, UNESCO has chosen this type of location to preserve for the world to appreciate. See my list of the best of these World Heritage Sites from "down under."  Also check out the photos that accompany each site.
    1. Kakadu National Park (1981)
        A Waterfall in Kakadu National Park, Western Australia
    2. Great Barrier Reef (1981)
        Great Barrier Reef   Great Barrier Reef
    3. Tasmanian Wilderness (1982)
        Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
    4. Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park (1987)
        Uluru (Ayers Rock)        Uluru (Ayers Rock)   The Olgas, Kata Tjuta National Park
    5. Greater Blue Mountains Area (2000)
            Goretts Landing, Blue Mountain Area    Three Sisters, Blue Mountain Area
    6. Purnululu National Park (2003)
            Bungle Bungles, Pernululu National Park     Pernululu National Park
    7. Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (2004)
          Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne
    8. Sydney Opera House (2007)
          Sydney Opera House   Sydney Opera House at Night   Sydney Opera House

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