World Heritage Sites – Czech Republic

     The Czech Republic, formerly part of Czechoslovakia, is a country at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe. As a result there are quite a few locations which fit the criteria of UNESCO to qualify as World Heritage Site. My favorites are listed below with photos.
     1. Historic Centre of Prague (1992)
      Charles Bridge, Prague   Old Town Square, Prague   Prague Castle
      Another view of Old Town Square, Prague   Municipal House & Powder Tower, Prague
     2. Historic Centre of Cesky Krumlov (1992)
      Castle & Chateau, Cesky Krumlov     Another view of Castle & Chateau, Cesky Krumlov   Town Square, Cesky Krumlov
     3. Historic Centre of Telc (1992)
       Main Square, Telc     Castle & Garden, Telc  
     4. Kutna Hora Historical Town Centre (1995)
      Cathedral of St Barbara, Kutna Hora   Former Royal Mint, Kutna Hora
     5. Gardens & Castle at Kromeriz (1998)
        Castle & Gardens, Kromeriz
     6. Litomysl Castle (1999)
        Litomysl Castle
     7. Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc (2000)
        Holy Trinity Column & Town Hall, Olomouc

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